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Porch & Parlour

Creating Community


Hip, creative, Bondi Café

​These guys needed a fit out that was wholesome and fresh as they are!  Built on the pillars of culture and community we used a variety of rustic techniques and modern influences to create a space that is loved by locals and visitors alike. 


Timing was a critical factor in this build.
When our team arrived in Bondi for the Porch and Parlour renovation, there was no design and no materials, just a vision, an aesthetic and 10 days to get it done.
Owners, Sam and Sarah had an unshakable faith that we would make it happen, at times I wasn’t so sure.
Within a few days we knew all the salvage yards in Sydney and we’d carefully selected timber that was was rich in local history, all we had to do was allow the materials to tell their story. The Porch team were deeply involved in the build. Over long days.. and nights, they shared their story with me. The two tales were being told side by side and the design was born. Timber was used thoughtfully and literally nothing was wasted.